Grades 7-12 PowerSchool Update

By now almost all HCLC parents shoulf have created a PowerSchool account so you can view your child’s academic and attendance information. The goal of adding PowerSchool at HCLC was to allow parents, guardians and students to see a clear picture of current grades in all courses on just one screen.

While PowerSchool certainly has some impressive features, it is important to realize that the grading itself takes time. A reasonable expectation for seeing grades varies with the type of assessment. While daily homework scores may take but a few days to record, other assessments like papers, tests, and projects may take two weeks or more to grade. High School and Middle School teachers only have one plan period per week to enter grades on PowerSchool, so please be patient when you do not see a large assignment entered right away. If you need to know whether your son or daughter turned the assignment in, please e-mail the teacher. Occasionally we experience other PowerSchool issues here at school and a teacher is unable to update grades. We will try to let you know when this happens, but again, you can call or e-mail at anytime to find out if an assignment is turned in. Thank you for your patience while we do our best to navigate the wonders of this new technology!

Nancy Emmons
Horizon Honors High & Middle School Principal