Parent Volunteers

We invite you to volunteer at Horizon Honors! Volunteering  has a huge impact on the schools. With your help, we are able to achieve new programs and expand existing ones.

Parent Partnership

The Parent Partnership Program provides the opportunity for parents and community members to become involved in the many activities within our schools where volunteers are needed. Not only does the Parent Partnership Program assist volunteers with classroom activities and field trips, but many programs and events are managed through the Parent Partnership Office, including: Bids for Kids Online Auction, Lemon”Aide” Parent Group, Spring Fling Carnival, the lunch program, Staff Appreciation Parent Group, Horizon Wear, recycling and Box Tops for Education.

Mona Volden

Mona Volden is the Director of Community Development. Her role is to work with parents to help them understand all of the volunteer opportunities on campus, as well as manage community events and fundraising programs. Her goal is to have each parent directly involved in their child’s classroom and their school. Whether it’s clipping box tops for education, helping on a field trip, or participating in a parent group, Horizon Honors Schools offer parents a variety of opportunities that will enrich the community.

How to Volunteer

Prior to volunteering in any capacity, volunteers must complete an application form. If you complete and submit the form, feel free to contact Mona Volden, Community Development Director, at (480) 659-3098 or e-mail her at mona.volden@horizonclc.org with any questions. Volunteers make it happen!

Volunteer Application

Where can I find current volunteer opportunities?

Horizon Honors uses an online organizational tool called Sign Up that helps make signing up to volunteer easy and efficient. Just click on a link below and find out more about a specific volunteer opportunity.

Horizon Honors Elementary School Volunteer Opportunities
Book Fair
​Staff Appreciation Parent Group - for more info contact Kasi Knutson at kasi.knutson@horizonclc.org
​Bids for Kids Online Auction - for more info contact Mona Volden at mona.volden@horizonclc.org
​Spring Fling Carnival - for more info contact Mona Volden at mona.volden@horizonclc.org

In addition the above activities, watch for opportunities via school e-blasts and K-6 Classroom Coordinator e-blasts.

Questions? Contact Mona Volden, Community Development Director, at mona.volden@horizonclc.org.